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Our Mission Is to Provide Quality Service From Concept to Completion

Team Naval Station Fire House Safety Awards
Pictured above, John Samuels and Ernesto Estrella receive Quarterly Safety Award Certificates presently by Maurice Elliott (NSGB Project Manager) and Chris Samiano (NSGB Office Manager) for their outstanding safety on IMC Project Consolidated Fire Station, US Naval Station Guantamo Bay.


Our Story

Established in 1992 in Middleburg, Florida, IMC Construction Group is a commercial contractor that provides federal clients—primarily various government agencies and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)—and private sector clients with design/build, general commercial construction and demolition services, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing contracting.

IMC is capable of meeting client needs in many geographic locations, having completed numerous projects across the Southeastern United States, Guantanamo Bay, Anguilla, Curacao, Jamaica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Belize and Aruba.

Much of IMC’s recent work has taken it far from its Florida home. We’re always looking to work in new locations, and we proudly follow our clients wherever their needs take us.


Outstanding Safety From Concept to Completion

As a leading commercial contractor that provides a wide range of commercial construction solutions, the safety of IMC’s employees and operations are of paramount importance. Every effort is made to provide safe working conditions while preventing incidents. We’ve implemented the Zero Injury Program as a further commitment to the health and safety of our employees, and we strive to complete every project with a perfect safety record.

Each IMC project team is supported by our Safety Department, which raises on-site safety awareness through the performance of project safety audits. We also provide technical support to our on-site teams and ongoing training of our employees and supervisors on the implementation of the Zero Injury Program. IMC project managers and supervisors are required to implement these techniques, as appropriate to their project, from the onset of the project through its completion.

IMC’s goal of achieving an injury-free workplace encourages communication with our employees concerning our commitment to the Zero Injury Program. Our open dialogue with employees ensures they have the help and support they need to work in a manner that prevents injury and keeps them safe at every site, on every project.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

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Company Information

Please find the various licenses, certifications and financials of IMC Construction Group, a leading commercial contractor that provides a wide range of commercial construction solutions throughout the Southeastern United States, Guam and the Caribbean.



Travelers Indemnity Company

Bonding Agent

Cecil W. Powell & Co.
219 Newnan Street
Jacksonville, FL 32203

Contact: Bob Theus
(904) 353-3181


Insurance Office of America
Contact: Mike Schwartz, Vice President
1 Sleiman Parkway, Suite 130
Jacksonville, Fl. 32216
Direct: (904) 596-2845


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Licenses and Classifications

Certified General Contractor, CGC1506563

Certified Mechanical Contractor, CMC1250111

Certified Electrical Contractor, EC13004566

Certified Plumbing Contractor, CFC1427338

Certified Roofing Contractor, CCC1329648

Fire Protection No. FPC21-000021

ASME Code Stamps

“S” – Power Boiler per Section I of ASME

“U” – Pressure Vessel per Section VIII, Div I of ASME

“R” – Repair and Alteration of Boiler and Pressure Vessel per The National Board